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Introducing nine1three

Introducing nine1three

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After many months of hard work, a new brand and a fresh new website, we’re proud to launch nine1three. But who are we? How did we come about? And what do we do?

We’ll answer all of the below and discuss our passionately held business ethos and principles that guide us. We’ll also touch on some details about our building management solutions and the benefits they offer.

Supporting You and Your Business

Put simply, nine1three provides a new way of managing large housing portfolios by providing real-time, remote monitoring of your building and assets together with holistic data management. Our digital housing solutions are applicable throughout the affordable housing sector, but it’s when they’re utilised at scale or in larger apartment blocks and residential buildings that they truly excel.

Our innovative approach is tailored to help with increasing demands around building safety and compliance, net zero and environmental sustainability as well as operational efficiency, but more on that later.

First-Hand Industry Specialists

We approach every aspect of our digital housing solutions from the perspective of lived experience. Our founder, Jack, grew up in social housing and went on to work in the sector, specialising in safety & compliance and maintenance.

This has given him first-hand experience and knowledge from both sides of the table. The experiences he’s had with real-life issues have given him a real passion for supporting the sector and, ultimately, the people it affects.

Collaborative Approach

Whatever the challenge we’re trying to overcome, collaboration sits at the heart of the nine1three approach. We’re all about bringing the very best tech to the sector, which is why we partnered with industry-leading IoT suppliers like Sensative, and we carry that practice into every working relationship that we build.

Our approach is focused on holistic, sustainable building management solutions that are mutually beneficial for every stakeholder. By involving you in decision-making and development, we can ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

Motivation Towards Common Goals

At nine1three, thanks to our extensive personal and professional experience of the ways it brings communities together, we’re passionate about affordable housing. Throughout our collective history, we’ve gained an intimate awareness of the challenges that housing associations and local councils face every day while trying to deliver the best services they can.

We knew that change was necessary to enable the affordable housing sector to maintain it’s excellent work whilst meeting new requirements and expectations. For us, the answer was to embrace innovation.

Using the Internet of Things to Overcome Challenges

Uniquely among the public housing sector, we have an in-depth understanding of how Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help to overcome the challenges faced. It’s our firm belief that by bringing the advantages of this technology to the housing sector, we can help to modernise and streamline affordable housing management, making it safer and more efficient for all.

Our Partnership with Emmaus

As part of our dedication to giving back and working collaboratively, we’re proud to say we’ve partnered with Emmaus, a leading homeless charity that’s dedicated to providing homes for those most in need. Like us, they’re motivated by providing safe, secure and stable homes, and like us they think outside the box and offer innovative solutions to their challenges. As well as providing homes their focuses also including providing meaningful work, training and support.

Image Credit: Charity Today

Solutions That Work

So, what is it about our digital building management solution that allows us to achieve our goals and realise our ambitions? There are several crucial elements that make it the perfect choice for optimising residential buildings and more.

Safety and Compliance

Our digital building management software enables you to monitor every building and every asset in one easy-to-access place. From fire doors and fire alarms to lifts, leaks, legionella, mould and floods there isn’t anything we can’t monitor. This allows you to identify issues quickly and easily, allowing for informed action and rapid response. This gives you assurance and peace of mind 24/7 while increasing safety and reducing risk and loss for your residents and your organisation.

Environmental Sustainability

We’re dedicated to achieving our results in a sustainable way. That’s why we offer you the ability to tackle Net Zero efficiently across extensive portfolios by using our real time data and insight to inform decision-making. nine1three offers real-time monitoring of your building’s energy usage and environments, presenting information on carbon emissions, electricity, gas, water, air quality and more.

Other building management

Our building management software is tailored to supporting the affordable housing sector with all building management, not just

Operational Efficiency

Our cloud-based property compliance software gathers together each of your data sources to give you a truly holistic view of your portfolio. nine1three removes the time-consuming process of collating data for key performance indicators (KPIs) and the burden of amalgamating data to analyse holistically. It allows for instant, real-time, bespoke reporting and trend analysis through unlimited dashboards and reports.

Optimise Your Portfolio with nine1three

If you’re interested in making the most out of our innovative building management software, then we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us by phone, email or through our query submission service, and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Alternatively, you can find out more about our ethos and values, as well as what it is we do , by following the links. For regular information on company, industry and other related updates, keep a close eye on our news page.